Interiors By Michele: Volume One
Title:  Interiors By Michele: Volume One
Full Screen / 2005 / Color / NTSC
Region 1 DVD
Feature Running Time: 37 Minutes
Price: $19.95

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Do you want to make your home look like a million bucks without going over budget?  Are you tired of leafing through endless magazines in a desperate search for inspiration?  Or maybe you want to give your living room that "wow" appeal but just don't know where to start?  If so, then this is the DVD you've been waiting for!

Join noted interior decorator Michele Caprio — the Queen of Decorating on a Budget — as she visits eight beautiful suburban homes and shows you how her exquisite custom window treatments can help you solve your decorating dilemmas.

Whether you live in a newly-constructed home or a hundred-year old mansion, her custom window treatments can transform your home into a palace!  Michele will show you how window treatments can pull a room together, add privacy and insulation from the heat and cold, and of course add value to your home.

Chock full of design hints, tips, and ideas, this unique and practical guide shows you how you too can transform your "ho-hum" home into an "oh wow" palace — all on a budget!

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